2011: what you loved in Not So Naked, and what I loved in music

What you loved:

1. 5 of the best high-waisted bathers
As summer approached, we all re-considered the benefits of itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis, and for good reason: just look at these!

2. A visual guide to the evolution of my hair
One repercussion I didn't consider when I dyed my hair pink in 2009 was that my hair would become some sort of bizarre underground Tumblr/We Heart It sensation. Even when it was back to blonde in 2011, those kids lapped it up. And to that I say, um, it really isn't that cool. Both myself and my hairdresser think my hair is kind of gross, actually. But each to their own. I'm getting what some might call a makeover on Saturday, so I'm enjoying what it is while it lasts.

3. Dion Lee x Cue jacket
What's not to love about Dion Lee x Cue, and half price at that?!

4. Breo De Janeiro headphones
My favourite part about this post was the hark back to New Year's Day, 2011, in New York City. I'll use any excuse to reference that town, and it appears you didn't mind that either.

5. The bum bag that wasn't
Free People's Australian launch went off with a bang, and I was thrilled to preview a very cool pouch belt in my new joint a little way out of Adelaide.

6. That gorgeous Casper & Pearl floral headband
Local girl Stacey Hendrickson, better known as the designer behind Casper & Pearl, has been generating a bit of hype this year, and this headband is one of her designs I've been wearing all year around.

7. Mimco x Not So Naked photoshoot
I'm privileged to have created photoshoots for Mimco twice, and when they sent me this bag from their new collection, I pulled together a model test with 60's inspired styling in the heart of Adelaide.

8. The first of many collaborations with Claire Alice Young
This photoshoot was a definitive moment for me, and I will be ever grateful to have gotten to know Claire this year. At the time, it was some of my proudest work, and I'm glad you appreciated it too.

9. blank + white
This marked a new era in post-processing for me: less contrast, more negative space.

10. Toi et Moi's street style lookbook
I stand by my statement that they've always offered something interesting each season with their lookbooks, and you seem to have agreed.

What I loved:

If I could vote in the Hottest 100 again, it would probably go something like this:

What did you vote for?!?



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