halfway blonde

bleach blonde
bleach blondebleach blonde bleach blonde
Urban Outfitters top | Calvin Klein Jeans denim | Vintage shoes
One Teaspoon leather jacket | Calvin Klein Jeans denim and belt | Vintage boots

On the eve of the release of the Mert and Marcus shot Calvin Klein Jeans campaign, I took the opportunity to test a few styles sent by Calvin Klein. (There's one more which I'll be showing you later.) In the mean time, enjoy the campaign shots below.

And yes, I'm blonde. The aim is to get closer to white, but as you can see it's glowing with health and feeling a lot better than it was before already.

Love from Fort Collins, Colorado

Calvin Klein Jeans Calvin Klein JeansCalvin Klein Jeans

 Fashion by Belinda Zanello

We love to see Adelaide talent in all areas of art and fashion, and when they get 'smushed' toghether, this is what you get........ 

Its so great to see how Belinda has noticed that there are'nt any plus size fashion illustrations in main street fashion, and she has not only addressed this with words, but she goes one step further and fills this gap with her one of a kind drawings, showcasing beautiful fashion that flatters all kind of bodies and personalities!


We just got instagram! We’ve only had it for about a week and we’ve already been blessed with 364 followers, you know you want to make it 365.
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Happy New Year.

2011 was the year of new beginnings and adventures, thankyou to all of my lovely customers and supporters for making it as enjoyable as it could be. If your not familiar with the casper&pearl brand here is a quick catch up on the year that was:
1. casper&pearl was thought of and created in April
2. we had our first (and not to be only) market stall at Gilles Street Market
3. many collections were launched and sold out within days!

4. we set up our own little studio room in South Australia, plastering the walls with inspirations and dreams
5. we dressed many amazing musicians such as Lisa Mitchell, Lanie Lane, Jay Grafton and the Germein Sisters
6. we picked up many lovely stockists across Australia
7. we became obsessed with the 70’s and 90’s, Isabel Lucas and fields of flowers
8. we fell in love our SLR camera and couldn’t put it down!
9. casper&pearl pieces were featured on many of our favourite fashion blogs and websites such as Shine By Three, Inspirafashion, Spin Dizzy Fall and even Teen Vogue!
10. we picked up our first stockist in the USA!
In 2012 we’re looking forward to the amazing things to come our way! Such as turning one year old, launching our first official seasonal collection for S/S, being featured in more magazines and creating unforgettable wardrobe staples for every loving girly girl on the globe.

2011: what you loved in Not So Naked, and what I loved in music

What you loved:

1. 5 of the best high-waisted bathers
As summer approached, we all re-considered the benefits of itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis, and for good reason: just look at these!

2. A visual guide to the evolution of my hair
One repercussion I didn't consider when I dyed my hair pink in 2009 was that my hair would become some sort of bizarre underground Tumblr/We Heart It sensation. Even when it was back to blonde in 2011, those kids lapped it up. And to that I say, um, it really isn't that cool. Both myself and my hairdresser think my hair is kind of gross, actually. But each to their own. I'm getting what some might call a makeover on Saturday, so I'm enjoying what it is while it lasts.

3. Dion Lee x Cue jacket
What's not to love about Dion Lee x Cue, and half price at that?!

4. Breo De Janeiro headphones
My favourite part about this post was the hark back to New Year's Day, 2011, in New York City. I'll use any excuse to reference that town, and it appears you didn't mind that either.

5. The bum bag that wasn't
Free People's Australian launch went off with a bang, and I was thrilled to preview a very cool pouch belt in my new joint a little way out of Adelaide.

6. That gorgeous Casper & Pearl floral headband
Local girl Stacey Hendrickson, better known as the designer behind Casper & Pearl, has been generating a bit of hype this year, and this headband is one of her designs I've been wearing all year around.

7. Mimco x Not So Naked photoshoot
I'm privileged to have created photoshoots for Mimco twice, and when they sent me this bag from their new collection, I pulled together a model test with 60's inspired styling in the heart of Adelaide.

8. The first of many collaborations with Claire Alice Young
This photoshoot was a definitive moment for me, and I will be ever grateful to have gotten to know Claire this year. At the time, it was some of my proudest work, and I'm glad you appreciated it too.

9. blank + white
This marked a new era in post-processing for me: less contrast, more negative space.

10. Toi et Moi's street style lookbook
I stand by my statement that they've always offered something interesting each season with their lookbooks, and you seem to have agreed.

What I loved:

If I could vote in the Hottest 100 again, it would probably go something like this:

What did you vote for?!?

Aaron Citti Photography

Adelaide photography at its finest......

Aaron Citti is an award winning, internationally acclaimed, Adelaide born photographer. 

He received a camera when he was 5 years old and spent  most of his childhood taking photos of nature whenever possible. Along with his parents he travelled around Australia, and from these travels Aaron developed an eye, which can take in and understand the raw, beautiful scenes from the Australian outback and turn it into an amazing photograph.

As a teenage he dreamt of  becoming a photographer of wildlife and nature. From his love an passion for photography he has been able to develop his own style over the last 10 years and his dream of becoming an internationally acclaimed and award winning professional photographer is now a reality. 

Aaron loves to travel far-and-wide to capture scenes from places worlds away from Australia, but has found that Australia's backyard is one of a kind and there is no where else that can compare in its beauty.

Life is picnics

PicnicChristmas dinner

I get it already, you say as you idly browse what must be at least the fourth post in the last six months filled with picnic photos. You like picnics. Whatever. 

Do I sense the bitter undertones of jealousy? Yes, yes I believe I do. Because you so wish you were so recklessly blessed with the bounty of wonderful individuals I am grateful to call friends.

Because when my family was nowhere to be found, my friends had dinner on the balcony on Christmas day. And when life was idyllic, we celebrated as one on a hill overlooking the city. Life undulates, but picnics remain the same.

My sister lives by this saying, life is people. If so, then I wouldn't have a life without picnics.


Road test: Geisker shirt

Geisker womens business shirt Italian fabric shirt
Vintage mustard blazer | Geisker shirt and cufflinks | Finders Keepers trousers | Dotti shoes

New label Geisker sent me a beautifully crafted Italian shirt and cufflinks set to try, and I was pretty stoked to own a shirt with French cuffs, since it can be difficult to find a well-cut women's shirt. Apart the fact that I had no chance to iron it before I wore it, I couldn't fault it - if you're looking for an affordable, high quality work garments, Geisker's online store is well worth a look. Note that the sizing runs a little large so you'll want to size down if you're between sizes.

Store owner Jennie has just begun her own blog, so if corporate fashion is down your alley perhaps keep an eye on it.