From Little Vintage.

So it's about time I paid homage to the cutest store in Bundaberg, QLD - From Little Vintage. This adorable boutique stocks not only casper&pearl, but other great handmade labels like My Sunday Feeling, Blossom and Cherry Tom (just to name a few). Recently they had a little photoshoot in their store where they wore all of these lovely labels, and this is one of my favourites! The girls are wearing "Build A Bridge" dress, and "Penny Lane" dress.

merry summer

Finders Keepers dressFinders Keepers dress
Vintage scarf | One Teaspoon watch | Vintage Lanvin belt | Finders Keepers dress | Vintage shoes

Eat, drink and be merry. Or don't. Whatever. I'll be sleeping out the 99 (fahrenheit) degree weather.

This song will never get old.


kissed the Boy

the ring hand on your heart

This is what I want you to wear, you said. You always knew exactly what you wanted.

I took in the purple dress and corduroy trousers and nodded vigorously.

But what if they don't have it in the store by then? I screwed up my little nose and silently approved of my forward thinking.

We can buy it now just in case!

But you were seven, and I was six, and Pumpkin Patch might as well have been Prada. We determined to save.

And then you moved to Germany, just like that. What's a ten-year-old to do when her best friend is on the other side of the world? I cried.

About three years later, you moved back, and your mind was fertile with life and ideas and initiative. I was naive, home-schooled, sheltered. You had boyfriends, and I couldn't relate. They were scary.

Seven years on, and we caught up for coffee. I found out you would be marrying a boy. The Boy we had spent hours dreaming about. As little girls we had talked about what he would look like, how he would dress, where you would live, how many kids you wanted.

Three days ago, I stood in a paddock next to your house and watched a ceremony that confirmed the death of our childhoods.

I sat on the very seat where we planned the event fourteen years ago. I stood on the steps where you told me about Sex and I thought you were telling me an extravagant fib. (That's disgusting! Nobody would ever do that.) The trampoline where you taught me about French kissing is gone.

Watching you marry Boy was just as heartbreaking as it was beautiful. I didn't mean to become an adult. I didn't mean to leave those dreams behind. I didn't mean to let titles body paperwork degrees busy taken jealous facebook mine woman money cool leaving define me.

I hope you're as happy as you said you would be.

Do you still want 10 children?

up the staircase flower girl the grand kiss

cobalt trousers

Sportscraft trousersSportscraft trousers
Vintage fedora hat | Dion Lee for Cue blazer | American Apparel deep V | Sportscraft Eva Capri trousers | Really old canvas shoes from K-mart


Not really. In my defence, I was legitimately about to go for a cruise when I took these images as I had bought the board the day before and was (am) fairly obsessed with it. Even the most perfunctory skater will see that it's a terrible board, though - I can't deny it needs an upgrade.

Sportscraft gave me the chance to try some of their goods at the freshly opened Burnside Village store, and when I finally made my way there I was certainly impressed. (In a somewhat ironic twist, I wasn't able to make it to the Zara press hour, despite being the first to break the news the Spanish bastion of sweatshops was on its way.) The Village has always been one of my favourite shopping centres in Adelaide, and I can happily say that position in my mind has only improved since its renovations. 


New online store: Rouse // sponsored post

RouseRouse RouseRouse RouseRouse

In the veritable ocean of Australian online fashion retailers, it takes something very special to stand out. So when Jocelyn Leong decided to launch her store ROUSE this summer, her intention was to create something that would offer the best of Perth-inspired style to the nation at a very affordable price point. 

And with jewellery from $10 and clothing from $30, I think we can conclude that's just what she's achieved. It's like a sample sale all year round!

As I post this, Joce has just launched her summer collection and there is plenty more to come. To keep in touch with the store and new product launches and sales, like ROUSE on facebook or sign up for the mailing list on the site. 

Got your eye on any pieces? The orange trousers are calling my name (I have the perfect orange sleeveless shirt for a suit-inspired look), as well as this $10 spike ring

And of course you can find ROUSE on twitter and tumblr, and vimeo for a bit of sneaky lurking.


Irving Baby.

I just posted off a collection of 20 pieces to Irving Baby, which is at 33 Twin Street, Adelaide, just off of Rundle Mall. It's such a big deal to me and my business to stock in this amazing store as it's one of my favourite stop offs when shopping in the city! It's full of handmade goodies and carefully chosen pre loved vintage. I even remember one day in high school we had an excursion in town, we took a huge detour just to visit the store; and I remember saying to my friends that I really wanted to get my pieces in there! Job well done I think!
Another Finders Keepers and Cameo Pop-Up SALE!
Sunday 18th December


Adoring these backstage photos from the Spring 2012 Chloe show. By far my favourite fashion label and constantly the source of inspiration.

Proud to be a CSU ram

college tee wear acid wash jeans South Australian foresthigh waisted skinny jeans
Bardot mixed chain necklace | Sportsgirl bow necklace | Colorado State University t-shirt | Vintage high waisted jeans | Vintage Doc Marten's boots

(It's ok to wear college tees after you've finished college, right? Because this has recently become my go-to outfit when I'm not toddling around in heels as high as they are long.)

What I'm really here to tell you about is Matt Corby's incredible secret garden gig in Stirling on the weekend. It was an evening of home-made pumpkin pie, friends old and new, and gorgeous tunes floating through a country garden speckled with daisies and hidden tunnels.

By now you would at least have heard his biggest radio hit so far, Brother, and his intimate live rendition was so emotionally charged, it made my heart ache to listen to it. Though everybody knew the words, nobody sung along. It was as if uttering his lyrics would be stepping too close to his heart, or insolently poking something tender in his soul. It would have been stealing something that was his alone.

That's how the relatively short set proceeded, with the crowd biting their lips and breathing shallow breaths so as not to disturb the atmosphere while Matt performed what was beyond question the best gig I've ever been to. (And I go to gigs at least every fortnight, so that's saying something.)

And on his dude-babin', I need not expatiate. Let's just say my standards in men went through the roof after standing within half a meter of Zeus himself.

Matt Corby garden

Were you at any of Matt's garden gigs? What did you think?

More Cute Photo Entries!

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Photo Entries.

We've recieved a whopping amount of photo entries from Stereosonic yesterday! I had to share a few of my favourite photos which are in the running for the winning $100 voucher. These photos are making me crave the summertime!

Summer Festival Competition.

Have a fesitval coming up but have nothing to wear? Love freebies? You know you want to enter this comp!
Shop Gracious!!!

First item for sale: Vintage Valenti Handbag (Genuine Leather)

More items will be for sale soon!
Finder Keepers and Cameo 
Pop-up SALE!!!


Where: Kensington Gardens Uniting Church, 29 Brigalow Avenue, Kensington Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia

When: Sunday 4th December, 2-4pm

For more info:

Pony Anarchy Magazine.

I recently answered a little interview for the new Pony Anarchy Magazine, which can be found on Issuu. Make sure you have a flick through this amazing first issue to read all about beautiful clothing and other adorable things.

testing one two

street artAdelaide model Adelaide shops Adelaide photography studio vintage basketball fashiongraffiti fashion shoot
Hair/makeup: Amanda Grace Nash | Model: Helen | Styling/photography/post-processing: Chanelle Leslie

Topshop sheer dress (for sale; comment if you're keen) over vintage red dress, Doc Marten boots | Sportsgirl hoodie, Asos bra, 18th Amendment flares | Vintage basketball top, Free People belt, vintage skirt

Did a quick test with new face Helen not too long ago, and was very pleased with the results. I didn't have my favourite lens (Canon 28mm f/1.8 USM) with me on the day and had to make do with my $135 (spare change in the photography world) 50mm f/1.8, but that goes to show you don't always need a flashy kit for good images. Hell, I checked on eBay the other day and my camera is going for as little as  $300.