Westfield autumn/winter parades

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For the record, kid that kept putting your hand in front of my camera, YOU WEREN'T FUNNY.

If you haven't entered the competition for FREE Wish clothing (!!), now's your chance.

Street Style......

Zainab: top and vest from temt, jeans- jay jays, earings- diva, other jewellery-overseas

 Diana Cao: cardigan- forever 21, dress- supre, shoes- jessica buurum online

 Reina Symmons: shorts- eleven raindrops, bag- atittude boutique, top- eleven raindrops, sunnies- ray ban, shoes- vans, necklace- from mums travels

Bonet Leate: skirt- tree of life, singlet- james perse, bag- chloe, sandals- ipanema 

Photos By Hiranya Ekanayake



You read right: Not So Naked has teamed with Wish to give away this two-toned blouse, as worn by Caitlin Lomax! The new campaign has been a good chance to suss out the new collection, which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser: a flattering, wearable dose of what Australian women have come to love from the home-owned brand. (My eyes just keep coming back to this playsuit...tempting.)

All you have to do is comment to be in the game.

Winners will be chosen at random, but for entertainment's sake, tell me what you wish you could be in your comment. The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday, March 28 and the winner will be announced the following evening.

(I wish I could be Alex Mack...if that name doesn't bring to mind overalls, baseball caps and green puddles, you have a whole lot of 90's Nickelodeon to catch up on.)

Shanna Jackway spotted in casper&pearl.

one of our favourite models, Shanna Jackway, may be lavished in beautiful labels like sass&bide and bec&bridge in her recent shoot for RUSSH, but on her days off she chooses to wear casper&pearl!



Outside the Louvre In the Musée d'OrsayAncient modern ancient Vintage shopping in ParisFred de Chevalier street art What's that jacket, Margiela? 
La Tour EiffelLa SeineOver Paris

If Paris were my girlfriend, she'd be an extremely hot, high-maintenance, gold digging model bitch.

If Paris were an animal, it'd be a vindictive, demanding cat.

If Paris weren't so abhorrently pricey, I'd plan to live there when I grow up.
Round She Goes
(Pre-loved Fashion Markets)

Round She Goes fashion markets have been popping up around Melbourne since 2008. Started by sisters Anne and Emma Morris, after having tried themselves to sell quality clothes at markets and on eBay, they found that they just were'nt getting the prices they hoped for because the market wasn’t quite the right fit for the type of items they were selling. 

Anne and Emma grew up working in their Dad’s ice cream store in Adelaide from this experience in small business, it was inevitable that they would end up running their own business together. With Emma's  postgraduate qualifications in journalism and public relations and Anne's qualifications in businessAnne takes care of the business operations and Emma acts as publicist and does the marketing and publicity for their events. 

 Round She Goes was started at the German Club Hall in Melbourne. There were around 50 stalls and after having a massive turn out of shoppers, they have started having 4 events per year in Melbourne with 100 stalls and thousands of men and women coming along to shop.

Round She Goes is a shopping day-out with a fun atmosphere, now getting twice as many applications to be stallholders as there are spots, at their Melbourne events

 Round She Goes provides a unique outlet for shoppers to pick up designer and vintage clothing as well as locally made jewellery and accessories at great prices. As Emma explains "It is a market that brings together sellers – which includes anyone who has a wardrobe full of items they no longer wear, but are in great, condition, together with the buyers ­– those of us who love designer clothes and unique items but at bargain prices."

In 2010, Round She Goes was voted 'Melbourne’s Favourite Event' by Leader Newspaper readers.

Emma explains that " the hard work being done by those around me is inspiring and motivating. And there is nothing that inspires you more than your own success (or failures). It is always important to pick yourself up when things don’t go the way you planned. Sometimes that’s when you have your best ideas."

Round She Goes is coming to Adelaide on Saturday the 5th of May. Emma and Anne have always wanted to bring the event back to Adelaide, as it is their original hometown. Remember they don’t run their events all the time, they are one off pop-up markets, so don't miss this great shopping opportunity!

For more:
Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market: http://www.roundshegoes.com.au
Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=20866472297

Thoughts on Dubai

Dubai marina
Dubai's beach

Dubai smells different from how I'd imagined. It lacks the herbal quality of Qatar, that aroma of burning incense that comes to mind when I think about the exotic lands of the Middle East. It smells clean, plastic, sterile.

I suppose that's because Dubai is far from exotic. Yes, it has its otherworldly attractions, but there isn't a hint of the mysterious sensuality that so often draws me back and again to my favourite cities. Like the reclaimed sand on which its palm archipelago is built, it did not exist as we know it just a few decades ago. It exists as one of the last bastions of ostentatious power in a post-modern world. Look at me, says the city, aren't I so rich and glamorous? She splays her oil-slicked fingers, hands framing her surgically enhanced face, demanding your attention. Money without discretion; beauty without brains; power without wisdom. Nouveau riche. 

It brings to mind the goldrush cities, the regions that shot to fame in an instant and had the life drained from them nearly as quickly as they were populated. Will it, too, be abandoned when we inevitably suck the land of its irreplaceable resources? Some say that could be within the decade. 

I'd imagine if I posed the question to Dubai, she would shrug and offer me another drink.

Summer Festival.

only weeks left of the summer festival photo competition! get your entries into casperandpearl@hotmail.com or hello@casperandpearl.com to make that $100 voucher yours!


a couple of months ago the amazing Julia Trotti and collaborated on a little photo shoot, and here are two of my favourite images! She captured the free-spirted nature of the casper&pearl girl perfectly, and we always love a vintage camera.