Two steps to DIY painted denim shorts

(Alternatively titled: Thighs, meet world.)

It's been a long time since I put on my DIY cap, so when Minkpink HQ asked if I wanted to be involved in 'suping' up a pair of their quintessential slasher shorts my answer was along the lines of 'duh'.


1. Dye. I was going for a deep, dark navy blue, which clearly I didn't reach. Guess I should have done a little more research on what brand of dye to buy. The intention was originally to get a nearly black blue and shine it up with fabric wax, but since it turned out denim blue all I could do was live with it. (If you try this, apply wax after the paint has dried.)

DIY painted pastel denim shorts

2. Paint. When I was about 10 I decided it would be a great idea to paint my room pastel green with a floral border. I don't live at that house anymore, but I stand by my choice of colour, except for clothes, not rooms (ew). There isn't really much to this step except using enamel paint so it sits on top of the denim. I prefer an imperfect look, but you could use masking tape for clean lines.

Minkpink suped up slashers

Charlotte Russe beanie | Sportsgirl ring and dress (worn as top) | Ralph Lauren chambray shirt | H&M necklace | Minkpink slasher shorts


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