DIY glitter oxfords

glitter shoes diyglitter diy glitter diy
{a scheduled post while I sort myself out in new york city.}

'Late to the party' is a phrase that adequately describes much of my life. I didn't start school until I was 15; I got my provisional driver's licence at 19; and I only just bought my first car last week.

In this context, 'late to the party' refers to the fact that I'm most certainly - albeit unabashedly - the last on board with glitter-encrusted shoes. Not that I ever wasn't a fan, but it never occurred to me that I could simply make my own pair rather than lusting at Miu Miu's $500 offerings on

Rather than clog the interwebz with my own instructions, I'll link you to the ones that were most useful to me. I just used cheap craft glue and a spatula since I didn't have fabric glue or a paint brush and it seemed to turn out just fine. 

As I write this, my fingers are dripping with a sparkly soup of glitz and glue. I've always been a mess when it comes to crafts, ever since that time mum said I could do finger painting and I took that to mean I could finger paint the walls, too. (I was three; cut me some slack.) Given my poor track record with crafts, I think if you think mine is half-decent, I'm sure you could do a much better job. It's a high reward-to-effort ratio - my favourite kind of craft!

If you've given this a go before, show me pictures and offer everyone else some tips!


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