Fashion Avenue 2012, Adelaide

In a sea of trustworthy designs focused on high profit margins and fast production turnaround, the truly inspired artists stand out. So it's easy to see why of the interstate designers brought to Fashion Avenue 2012, Camilla was a clear highlight. Her firework of a collection added Sydney sheen to a Brazilian flamboyance, mixing boomerang necklaces with bright feathers and prints. You didn't know where to start looking, not because everything was wrong, but because it was so perfect.

Joining Camilla on the print path were Lisa Ho and Gorman, with fun but wearable pieces currently available in stores. Meanwhile Alannah Hill and Alex Perry, who can usually be trusted for beautiful - albeit frou frou - frocks, seemed to dampen their ranges for the Adelaide market. Lucette, Joveeba and Tigerlily didn't break any ground, although Tigerlily included some high-waisted bikinis I couldn't help but appreciate. (I've previously declared my love for the navel hiders.)

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Siobhan O'Keefe at Fashion Avenue 2012Adele Snowball in Lisa Ho at Fashion Avenue 2012

Gorman at Fashion Avenue 2012Holly Watson in Lucette at Fashion Avenue 2012

Joveeba at Fashion Avenue 2012Tigerlily at Fashion Avenue 2012

Megan Ford closes Alex Perry at Fashion Avenue 2012Camilla, Fashion Avenue 2012

Holly Watson in Camilla at Fashion Avenue 2012Fashion Avenue 2012 Adelaide Camilla at Fashion Avenue 2012



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