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Asos dress asos mint dress
Estie's Closet blazer (gifted) | Asos dress | Uniqlo tights

Usually I'd take the time to iron an Asos dress after ripping it out of the box, but I couldn't bear to have any more distance between the dress and myself any longer. Its strength is in its plastic panels, and I can bear with it sticking to my thighs when I sit down if it means I can wear something this unique. Sorry, suckers, I bought the last one!

Another harbinger of happiness of late was the arrival of this dusty pink blazer from Estie's Closet. With a price point as accessible as they get, I wasn't expecting the quality of the fabric and the cut to be as good as they were. It's not a winter jacket by anybody's standards, but it will be perfect for spring nights. This one's not available anymore, but there is a similar peach number for $35 (a decent blazer for $35 - say whaaa?!).



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