casper&pearl girls.

'The casper&pearl girl never really grew up, she never really wanted to. The only thing that grew was her long braided hair and the flowers in her garden. Her inner beauty and free-spirited nature shined through her sun kissed skin. She is passionate about life and inspired by everything around her.'

We absolutely adore our customers! Here at c&p we're creating more than just garments and pretty pieces to hang in your wardrobe. We're creating a world of love, creativity and happiness where girls can dress in our creations and feel great about themselves. Each and every customer is a part of our brand just as much as the creator herself! We love to see how each girl styles their favourite c&p piece to make it their own, these are some of our favourite photos that we've collected over the last few months. Send any photos you have to or tag #casperandpearl on Instagram!

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