Westfield Marion VIP shopping night

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Sportsgirl tights and jewellery | Erin McNaught for Zu shoes | Cotton On belt and jumper | Rubi shoes

The challenge was to find an outfit for less than $100 at Westfield Marion's VIP shopping night on Thursday, and it turned out to be more than enough with all the incredible discounts on offer. From free champagne, chocolate and cupcakes to croquet games, beauty consultations and Masterchef appearances, there was literally something to do in every corner of the centre. And that was without the 30 per cent off in most of the stores. They're planning to have another shopping night again soon, so keep your eyes peeled and you'll hear the next date from me.

It doesn't seem like all that long ago I was in Isabel Marant's Soho store trying on the ubiquitous luxe sneakers with Jess, who ended up buying a gorgeous pair. Gosh, they're so comfortable. I do feel a little guilty for buying a copy, but at $17.50 they were pretty hard to resist. Not the most comfortable sneaks I've ever worn, but they are pretty darn swagalicious. Ew, I just said swagalicious. Ew.



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