You read right: Not So Naked has teamed with Wish to give away this two-toned blouse, as worn by Caitlin Lomax! The new campaign has been a good chance to suss out the new collection, which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser: a flattering, wearable dose of what Australian women have come to love from the home-owned brand. (My eyes just keep coming back to this playsuit...tempting.)

All you have to do is comment to be in the game.

Winners will be chosen at random, but for entertainment's sake, tell me what you wish you could be in your comment. The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday, March 28 and the winner will be announced the following evening.

(I wish I could be Alex Mack...if that name doesn't bring to mind overalls, baseball caps and green puddles, you have a whole lot of 90's Nickelodeon to catch up on.)


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