'Adelaide Street Dreams'

The thought of pursuing through dirty alleyways is less than desirable, but Adelaide is becoming home to some of the most innovative art since Picasso. Rivalling Melbourne, Adelaide has street art popping up all over the city.

From graffiti, stencils, murals and posters the street art is everywhere, you just have to have a keen eye and look beyond the grimy backdrop of your local pub and you maybe lucky enough to find some street art.

Located on the corner of Magill Road and Ann Street, Stepney; this mural has the location and potential to grab the attention from pedestrians and drivers alike. Artists Kate Gagliardi, Sam Evans, Dan Withey and Peter Drew came together to form this evocative and intriguing street art mural, in early 2011. It stands strong today and is definitely worth a look, the four artists all have unique style and influence and can distinctly be seen in the four different segments.

Street art that appeared on the same wall late 2010, vastly different style and meaning, yet still intriguing and thought provoking, by artist Peter Drew.

The Adelaide Street Dreams festival for 2011 is over now but is sure to be back and better than ever in 2012. For more information, pictures and details on this years festival, have a look at their official website http://streetdreams.com.au/sloppy/.

If this has watered your taste buds for the idyllic street art Adelaide has to offer, then befriend ‘Adelaide Street Art’ on facebook for all of their masterworks across Adelaide, but for now here are a few of their snapshots to keep you going.

Written by: Alana Foster


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